Our Mission
When asked to give money to help Africa’s famine, most of us feel overwhelmed. When asked to give to “Aidai” of Nigeria by sharing your daily consumption so she may go to school and learn how to become financially independent, then you might empathize and connect emotionally. According to the report by the Charity Global, Inc. in 2007, an average American drinks USD2 worth of beverages per day. In contrast, the UNICEF report shows that 53% of the people on earth live on the same amount of money or less every day. You may donate money to the Salvation Army on Christmas or donate old clothes to the drop boxes on the street, or perhaps volunteer at the soup kitchens at Thanksgiving. However, these are occasional events, instead of being part of everyday life.
1/2 PROJECT is a social venture that aims to help consumers perceive giving to charity differently. We champion the idea of giving on a small scale through everyday common purchases, instead of large annual gifts that require more financial commitment. Through partnerships with business enterprises and NGOs, we design concepts and packaging for 1/2-cut goods and donate the 1/2 things shared by people to NGOs. 1/2 PROJECT is a medium for connecting people to existing business enterprises and NGOs for charity works. When consumers purchase 1/2 PROJECT goods, the monetary value converted from the empty half is used for various social services to help the needy through NGOs.
How It Works
1/2 PROJECT identifies opportunities where 1/2 product concept adds value to the partner-company, consumer, and charity. We design and produce attractive packaging tailored for the product promoting charity messages. Consumers will be attracted to 1/2-cut goods because of its simple and clear message and emotional appeal.
The value of 1/2 PROJECT is to help consumers perceive giving to charity as a part of daily life. We hope to advocate giving on a small scale through everyday common purchases. Our service is to match companies with appropriate charities and celebrity spokespeople to help drive the consumer to purchase products with charity in mind. We intend to support the companies that we partner with: 1/2 PROJECT packaging design, POP displays, advertising collateral and social media buzz. Through various initiatives we hope to raise money and goods towards various causes.
Social Impact by 1/2 PROJECT MOVEMENT
1/2 PROJECT has both direct and indirect social impact. The direct impact can be measured by the amount of additional monetary or food donations from the 1/2 products. For example, we launched 1/2 Chocolate with Grache, Inc. in 2010 March in South Korea, and we will donate $10,000 for a NGO named Good Neighbors for Haiti’s victims in 2011 Spring.
In 2010 November, we had a special event for a month with Domino’s Pizza Korea and a NGO named HappyBean. 1/2 PROJECT provided the half package design to Domino’s, and 143 half-cut pizzas sold through Domino's website and 143 full pizzas were donated to 15 orphanages.
In terms of indirect social impact, perhaps more importantly, 1/2 PROJECT has the power to influence people’s lives reducing consumption of over-portioned restaurant food, encouraging charity giving at an early age which can build life-long habits and increase self-esteem. Using Chipotle as an example, to estimate the non-monetary value of one partnership, the restaurant chain serves 750,000 people daily. If we assume that 40% of consumers of Chipotle are children or young adults and 1 in 100 purchases the 1/2 Plate order, it means 300 people share their food with the needy everyday creating a new culture of donation.
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